Link Travel has tie-ups with many partners, locally and internationally.

Because our business relies on strong partnerships with many suppliers and clients, we are working with our suppliers to create robust, sustainable relationships with clear ethical and social standards. We do this based on a shared drive for continuous improvement. We work with a diverse range of suppliers.

At LINK TRAVEL, we seek to provide innovative, quality products that benefit all types of travellers and make travel safer and yet easier.

Our vision is to play a leading role in the Qatari market. We recognize, however, that we cannot achieve this vision alone. We understand how our sustainability efforts depend on the support and participation of our business partners throughout our value chain, primarily our suppliers and clients.



Our ability to competitively source our inputs and offer our products and solutions for a more sustainable approach to travel is a key aspect of our strategy. Toward this end, we communicate with our suppliers and consolidators to share our goals and challenges, engaging them in finding more economic solutions for the benefit of the end user. We seek to partner with suppliers of of all sizes as long as we share the same goals.


We work together with suppliers to ensure that they are selected fairly and transparently, that procurement decisions are made honestly and communicated clearly, and that our negotiations foster long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. At a minimum, we require that our suppliers comply with local regulations, and we seek to ensure that they work to our exacting standards. Together, we are constantly looking for opportunities and new ways to improve and innovate.

At the corporate level, we oversee procurement strategy and work to standardize our procurement practices by establishing processes and tools as well as monitoring compliance, promoting best practices, and reporting performance.



We seek to ensure clients' satisfaction and the best service standards across all their travel experience no matter where our clients are traveling. Because we realize clients' needs vary across our market, our sales team conduct regular client satisfaction surveys at the local level.


We work hard to ensure that our offers are well presented and yet affordable, and we give clients the information they really need to take the right decision.

Part of our vision to build a smart world, we work to promote the use of our online portal so you can handle all your bookings online in a smooth way!

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